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How to become a NetWork Director?
On one time payment you can become ND1, ND2, ND3, Snr ND or Executive Director

  Joining You receive
Network Director 1 $1000 2000 asterios
Network Director 2 $3000 6000 asterios
Network Director 3 $5000 10000 asterios
Snr Network Director $7500 12500 asterios
Executive Director $9500 14500 asterios

What are the benefits of becoming Network Directors?
s a Network Director you get the benefit of earning from your entire downline unlimited depth. Your earnings will be calculated on your Total Group Volume minus Net Directors' earning in your downline.

  Cap (upto) Rotator
Network Director 1 5% 6.75%
Network Director 2 10% 10%
Network Director 3 20% 18.75%
Snr Network Director 25% 25%
Executive Director 30% 37.5%

You receive a place in the rotator according to your rotator percentage and as new members join direct with Club Asteria.

How much one can make as Network Director 1? 
Let us take an example as to what will be the earning as ND

Let us say your group volume is 245,000 asterios and you have 4 Network Directors with 15000, 45000, 85000 and 35000 asterios as their group volume and 65000 as open volume

Now we have a table which tells us as to what percentage his Group Volume will earn and also what is the earnings in dollars minus earnings of respective Network Directors under you

Now Total Group Volume is 245000 which is 19% as per the table above 

1st ND with 15000 asterios is 6% and and earning is $622.50, 
2nd ND with 45000 asterios is 9% and and earnings at $2947.50
3rd ND with 85000 asterios is at 13% and earnings at $7372 
4th ND with 35000 asterios  is at 8% and earnings at $2072.00

Your Commission on open volume of 65000 asterios is $4963
overriding commission of 1st ND is 19% - 6% = 13% on 15000 $1950
overriding commission of 2nd ND is 19% - 9% = 10% on 45000 $4500
overriding commission of 3rd ND is 19% - 13% = 6% on 85000 $5100
overriding commission of 1st ND is 19% - 8% = 11% on 35000 $3850
Your Total commision as ND is  $20363

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