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Restoring The Balance Of Financial Equality

We are helping people from all over the world become more financially stable by giving them an additional means to support their family and friends.  This is an amazing task and we need your help.
We are looking for dedicated individuals from all walks of life who are willing to accept this cause and help others. You will enjoy the amazing benefits of working with Andrea Lucas, former Director of the World Bank and you will earn an income as described in the Excel Spreadsheet that you can download by CLICKING HERE. Please study this information carefully; it may help you design a strategy that could change the lifes of your family as well as many others.

The above spreadsheet is for explanation purposes only and not intended to mislead you. Please us common sense when applying your estimations.

Club-Asteria calculates 30% of the revenue that comes into the company from the previous week and distributes it on the following week's commission run. Therefore, there is never an exact percentage or a guarantee thereof.

Club Asteria earns revenues from each member's participation in the Club through the usage and purchases of products and services. Revenues can only be shared with members if they are first earned. Please support Your Club and benefit from your support!

You can also view and / or download a PowerPoint presentation that you can adjust to your local language as needed.
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  • We have two objectives:
    • We help you become financiallysecure
    • Teach you to help others become financially free.
    Please visit our web site and see a full description of the Affiliate Program and the Commission Program.

    Points to Note:
    • If you do the absolute minimum, your $20 membership fee, based on 10%, is paid for by the system by the 5th month. This rate varies according to the weekly distribution which may go up or down according to the company's revenue (see above).

    • You adjust the calculator to your estimations and see the results for yourself.

    Benefactor Focus:
    Upon reaching a point of financial comfort, it is our hope that each of our members will sponsor a minimum of 10 people by paying their $20 Gold Membership Fee for 5 months.  At that time their membership fee should be fully funded by their progressive earnings and you will start to receive your sponsorship back. 

    Our desire is to have One Million people benefitting from our club within 5 years and for you to become financially secrure within 2 years.  This will automatically happens as your spirit of generosity spreads throughout the world and you follow our plan.

    Sponsors Benefits:
    • You receive $9 (45%) back in commissions for every $20 membership gifted
    • You receive 10% on all of your referrals Cash upgrades
    • You get the pleasure of helping others
    • Furthermore, if you elect to become a Network Director, you will receive Leadership Commissions on all new cash that enters the system from anywhere in your entire global organization.

    Network Director:
    On the main site there is a tab for Network Directors. This is the highest paying position in the company - If you are interested in working this business and desire the maximum potential, you want to study that section.

    ND Commissons are paid monthly into your Cash Balance.This is not for beginners and we suggest that you wait till you are fully familiar with this business. Below you can download a spreadsheet that will help you determine your commissions.Please select the file format that best suits your computers requirements.

    Network Director 1
    Network Director 2
    Network Director 3
    Network Director 4
    Network Director 5

    This page is simply a brief overview of what you can achieve with Club-Asteria.  Please be sure to view the main site or leave your details to the right and we will send you a more complete description of what you receive.

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