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The spreadsheet is found lower on this page is for explanation purposes only and not intended to mislead you. Club-Asteria calculates 30% of the revenue that comes into the company from the previous week and distributes it on the following week's commission run. Therefore, there is never an exact percentage or a guarantee thereof. Club Asteria earns revenues from each member's participation in the Club through the usage and purchases of products and services. Revenues can only be shared with members if they are earned first. Please support Your Club!

Earn as high as


and above
every week

Joining Fee as low 
as $9,95 / $19,95 per month


Join as 
and within 14 days of joining,
purchase $250 worth of asterios and get

Matching Bonus Extended Indefinitely


Andrea Lucas CEO, Managing Director 

  • Former Director, International Finance Corporation, World Bank

  • Managed 400+ project for IFC

  • Negotiated Funding for the governments of Russia, Sudan, Yemen, Philippines, China and Cameroon

  • Managed Joint Venture Projects in Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic

  • Chair Person Asian Development Consortium Inc.

  • President - Development Coordinators Int'l Ltd

  • Published Author

  • PMD (Harvard), MBA, CPA, CMC

Club Asteria is the First Real online business . The revenue generated here is Real and this is NOT A PONZI Scheme, and runned by extremely qualified Andrea Lucas who has more than 30 years of business experience.

How revenue is generated for Club-Asteria?
When you join and log in to CA back office, you can see lots of products in the back office, like Exclusive tools, business tools, success tools, training, coaching, opportunities, travel, shopping mall, remittances. The revenue generated from the sales using the above products is shared by all members. You all must see this VIDEO to understand how CA works

What are Asterios?
Asterios are nothing but points which represents your money the more asterios we have more we have, the more we can earn from weekly commission run.


How to collect Asterio?

** You can join Club-Asteria for FREE and start referring, for every 10 members you refer you get 50 asterios. All members must complete the profile for you to get the 50 asterios. From June 2010 onwards one has to be a paid member either as silver ($10 monthly) or as gold ($20 monthly) in order to get paid every week.


** You can directly purchase Asterios from back office, thus increasing your revenue every week. If you purchase from 250-999 asterios for $250-$999 within first 14 days of joining, you will get 100% matching bonus, For 1000 Asterios and above the Matching bonus has no time limit for the moment (But Hurry up, this offer will end soon).


** Every week on Thursday weekly commsn are done and you are paid in cash balance, out of that 80% is re-invested back as Asterios in your account and the remaining 20% is available for withdrawal.

** When your Direct Referrals purchase asterios, you earn 10% cash bonus of that purchase.

How can we earn from Club-Asteria being 100% passive?

Let's say you go for gold membership for $19,95 a month and decides to be 100% passive, and remain with CA for 2 years, we can show you how you can earn more than $300-$400 per week (more details on chart).

Most of us have joined many different busines opportunities ranging from $300 - $500 and many times we don't make a dime. But here you start with $19,95 a month and every month you get 20 asterios and every week what ever profit you make 80% is reinvested back and 20% in account balance for you to withdraw.

This way on 19th month you shall start making $300-$400 per week (weekly profit percentage is calculated at 10% from past performance and this can vary but capped at 10%) and in all those 19 months you will earn decent amount every week, which either you can reinvest or withdraw.

See the spread sheet here to see how much you make every week by investing just $20 a month, or by purchasing asterios from $250 - $1,000 and more examples.

Click here to see the SpreadSheet

Profits are capped at 10% a week and it may vary and there is no guarantee that it will be 10% every week, going by the past performance we have taken 10% for calculations


How can we earn from CA?
There are three ways here :

q Every week on Thursday, profits made in entire Club-Asteria is distributed to the members, the more asterios you have the more weekly commission you can get.

q By way of referring, you can join either as

  • Silver ($9,95 per month),  if you refer any silver or gold member you get $4.5 every month, eg: if you have 50 Gold/Silver referral, you make a neat $225 each and every month besides weekly commission run every week.

  • Gold ($20 monthly), if you refer any silver member you get $4.5 per month and for gold you get $9 per month. Eg : if you have 50 Gold members under you, you make $450 each and every month besides weekly commission run every week

q Also whenever any of your direct referral purchases asterios, you get 10% as cash bonus which you can reinvest or withdraw

Watch the VIDEO here to know more on the Business Plan CLICK HERE

What Payment Processors are used?
Alertpay, SolidTrustPay, CashX and Paypal (Monthly Subscription only). 

Payment Proofs
For Payment proof please visit the following LINK HERE.

How to get Paid?
Since this is real business opportunity, you need to follow some rules to get paid

  • After you have joined, Log in and click Edit Profile and fill all the details.

  • Click Compliance and upload your photo id.

  • You can join as Free member, start referring and build your asterios, but in order to get paid, you need to upgrade either as silver or gold member.

  • Log in regularly and read News, if News is flashing (in red) meaning you have not read the news section and you will not be paid.

  • weekly commission run is done every Thursday and all your withdrawals are paid on Tuesday (Normally Daily Payouts!).


Staggering Income as 
Network Directors

ND income of $2000-$5000 p.m is very much possible if you can build your team. Also get Matching Bonus on joining as ND

You not only earn from

  • weekly commission run every week on the asterios you have

  • get referral commissions every month for introducing silver/gold members

  • 10% Cash Bonus on purchase of Asterios by your Direct referrals

  • But also as Network Director and this income can easily go beyond $2000-$5000 per month.

Read this once you have seen all the videos and how CA works. Network Director Income CLICK HERE

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