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What is Club Asteria?
Club Asteria is the First Real Online Profit Sharing Program. The revenue generated here are Real and this is NO PONZI Scheme, and run by extremely qualified Andrea Lucas who has more than 30 years of combined experience.

How revenue is generated for Club Asteria?
When you join and log in to CA back office, you can see lots of links in the back office, like Exclusive tools, business tools, success tools, training, coaching, opportunities, travel, shopping mall, remittances. The revenue generated from the sales using the above is shared by all members. You all must see this VIDEO to understand how CA works CLICK HERE (opens new window)

What is Asterios?
Asterios are nothing but points which we all accrue by different means and more the asterios we have more the share in profit sharing.

How to collect Asterios?

  1. You can join Club-Asteria for FREE and start referring, for every member you refer you get 5 asterios. All members must complete the profile for you to get 5 asterios. From June 2010 onwards one has to be a paid member either as silver ($10 monthly) or as gold ($20 monthly) in order to get paid every week.
  2. Limited offers only, for any purchased above 250, you get 100% matching bonus. Read the news.
  3. You can directly purchase Asterios from back office, thus increasing your profit sharing revenue every week.
  4. Every week on Thursday Profit Sharing is done and you are paid, out of that 80% is invested back as Asterios in your account and rest 20% you are allowed to withdraw or reinvest.
    Eg : My upline sponsor has been in Club Asterio for 4-5 months and now he has 2356 Asterios. This week he has $45 in his Account Balance and 80%(around 300 asterios) added to his account.
  5. When you join as Silver/Gold member you get 10/20 asterios every month.

How we make money?
There are two ways we make money here

  1. Every week on Thursday, profits made in entire Club Asterio is distributed to the members and more asterios one has more the profit sharing he gets. You will earn up to 10% weekly from the profit sharing depending on the company profit.
  2. By way of referring, you can join either as
    1. Silver ($10 monthly), if you refer any silver or gold member you get $5 every month, eg: if you have 20 active direct referral, you make a neat $100 each and every month besides Profit sharing every week
    2. Gold ($20 monthly), if you refer any silver member you get $5 per month and for gold you get $10 per month. Eg : if you have 10 active silver and gold members under you, you make $150 each and every month besides profit sharing every week

Watch the VIDEO here to know more on the Business Plan CLICK HERE (opens new window)

What Payment Processors are used?
Alertpay, SolidTrustPay, StrictPay and also CreditCard

How to get Paid?
Since this is real business opportunity, you need to follow the rules to get paid

  • After you have joined, Log in and click Edit Profile and fill all the details.
  • Click Compliance and upload your photo id. Don't worry about the other details
  • You can join as Free member, start referring and build your asterios, but in order to get paid, you need to upgrade either as silver or gold member.
  • Log in regularly and read News, if News is flashing (in red) meaning you have not read the news section and you will not be paid.
  • Read here the entire rules once you log in.

Join this awesome and real online business opportunity.
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