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Asteria Corporation 1934 Old Gallows Road Suite 350, Vienna, VA 22182
Tel: 1-703-226-8097 Fax: 1-703-832-0772 Email:

You're In-Profit!!
No Cycle, No Matrix, No Straightline
No more waiting for downline to get paid
No Downline No Problem... Everyone Earns Weekly Bonus !
Very Low Membership Fee
Instant 50% referral commission
Residual Income Monthly
Qualified for Weekly Bonus
Paid weekly to Your Alertpay
Why Wait?

We sincerely thank you for taking part in Club-Asteria and we promise
to do everything in our power to give you the absolute best service possible.
We are continuously upgrading our software, so please be patient.
We expect to Official Launch January 2011. BE READY!..
Real Profit Sharing Program !
No Ponzi !
Club Asteria from the Former Director of World Bank - Andrea Lucas

*Qualified for Weekly Bonus !
No Sponsoring is Required To Earns Here.

Earns 5 Figures if you active networker.

50% monthly referral bonus
up to 30% group bonus unlimited deeps

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* This is profit sharing program, we cannot guarantee of any specific percentage per week.
The company will distribute 75% of the revenues received every week back to the Members in the form of commissions and bonuses.

Who is Andrea Lucas? Andrea Lucas, CEO - Managing Director of Club Asteria was Former Director, International Finance Corporation, World Bank - Managed 400+ project for IFC, Negotiated Funding for the governments of Russia, Sudan, Yemen, Philippines, China and Cameroon and Managed Joint Venture Projects in Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. She also Chair Person Asian Development Consortium Inc, President - Development Coordinators Int'l Ltd, Published Author and PMD (Harvard), MBA, CPA, CMC
Asteria Corporation 1934 Old Gallows Road Suite 350, Vienna, VA 22182
Tel: 1-703-226-8097 Fax: 1-703-832-0772 Email:
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You help others and others help you fill in your forced matrix, spillover,...

**The Passive Plan**
Earn Weekly Bonus up to $400 - No Referral
This is EASY MONEY !!
Paid weekly to Your Alertpay/CashX

**The Active Plan**
 GET 3 and You're In-Profit!!
Very Low Membership Fee - as low as $10
Instant 50% direct referral commission
10% of any purchased by direct referral.
This is a RESIDUAL Income !!
plus Weekly Bonus Up to $400
Paid weekly to Your Alertpay/CashX

**The Networker Plan**
All above from Active Plan plus..
Monthly Group Bonus up to 30% Unlimited Deeps
This is a BIG MONEY !!
Paid weekly to Your Alertpay/CashX

Remember for any Plan Above,
You still get a weekly bonus
up to $400 even without any referral.

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The traffic started since Jan 2010 and then increasing since May 2010.
This is a longterm business and your potential income is huge.
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 Watch the Video
What is Club-Asteria? Here
What is the Business Plan? Here

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Latest Update: Special Promotions

 NEW MATCHING BONUS - Effective August 1, 2010
250 within your first 14 days = 100% Match

   500+  = 50%
   1000+ = 75% = ND1
   3000+ = 100% = ND2
To Your Success!
Andrea Lucas
Managing Director

More information, please refer news section
in your member area.
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Here is the Summary of Business Plan

1. Qualified for weekly bonus
2. Earn 50% monthly commission from direct referral
3. Earn 10% on any purchase from direct referral
4. Earn up to 30% commission from group (unlimited deeps)
4. And many more..

Payment via Paypal, Alertpay & CreditCard/DebitCard
Payout to Alertpay & Debitcard
Weekly Bonus Every Thursday
Payout every Tuesday.
Monthly Membership: $9.95 (silver) or $19.95 (gold)

As a Gold member, if you refer silver member, you get $4.50 per month and for gold member, you get $9.00 per month. If they make any new purchase you get 10%. This is extra commission if you active but still enjoy the weekly bonus.
Now, If you refer 3 Gold, You're FREE !!
Refer 1 gold, you earned $9. Refer 3 gold will be $27.
$20 for next subscription and $7 is your profit.
So, basically you're free gold.
Here is another example:
Refer 10 gold member, you earn $90 monthly
Refer 50 gold member, you earn $450 monthly
Refer 100 gold member, you earn $900 monthly
Any new purchase by referral, you will earn 10%
Group Bonus up to 30% monthly
Still continue receive your weekly bonus.
Your potential income is Huge, did you see it?

 Special Tips: How to turn your "one-time-cost"
into a weekly income with no downline at all.
Go register for free .

First Thing First 

First thing to do before you join.

  1. You need a creditcard or debitcard and alertpay account before joining Club-Asteria here.
  2. What is Alertpay? It's online payment processor to send/receive money from anyone or program. You can fund with creditcard/debitcard and bankwire. You can withdraw to your local bank (but you need to have verified account). Go open FREE account below. Highly recommended to choose Personal Starter.

How to Start? 

After you Sign Up HERE

  1. Login to Club Asteria, update your profile, upload your Government Photo ID and read all the news
  2. You must have atleast $10 or $20 in your Alertpay to pay for Monthly Membership.
  3. Login to your Club-Asteria and click Upgrade Membership. Choose Silver or Gold (highly recommended for Gold).
  4. Wait for your account credited because Admin will verify manually.
  5. To purchase Asterios, click "Purchase Asterios" and then choose how do you want to pay with Credit/Debitcard/Alertpay/SoldTrustPay or Cash Balance.
  6. To qualify for 100% matching bonus, please purchase minimum 250 asterios within 14 days after upgraded.
  7. Again, admin will verify manually.
  8. Now, go to "Affiliate link and Banners" and share this wonderful program with others.
  9. If you want earns more, go for Network Director. 

All the best to you. 
or Watch the you-tube below

About the Club-Asteria

About the Network Director Plan

Proof of Payment - Weekly Withdrawal

Go Register now, click image below

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Please register for free and complete the profile.


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